Replenishing my dishcloth stash

Ever since finishing my Echo Flower Shawl I haven't been focused enough to do the casting on for a completely new project so I've just been cranking out these handy ballband dishcloths from

Mason Dixon Knitting

.  I've made so many that I don't have to count rows, check needle size or any of the other project prep that keeps me from starting all those other patterns in my queue.  The only problem is I'm running low on Sugar'n Cream so it won't be on deck as my permanent standby project much longer.  

Currently accepting suggestions for mindless spring knitting.

Echo flower shawl

This is how I spent the end of winter in Dallas.  The last major project I started, this Echo Flower Shawl was cast on in Atlanta in Fall 2012.  Just a small project to work on during my business trip, I thought!  After that, it traveled the world with me, most notably on a business trip through 7 countries in Europe when I didn't even knit a stitch.  Since then, I had worked on it on and off throughout other trips and breaks, but it wasn't until this winter that I got serious about casting off.  With 350+ stitches in the last rows and an edge chart with a different lace pattern, I queued up Scandal on Netflix and spent a good two weeks powering through (both the project and the episodes).

I've just cast off, but I'm starting to wonder how exactly I am going to manage blocking this beast that is already nearly the length of our sofa.  I wasn't too concerned until I remembered that I don't have my trusty tatami floors to pin my knitting to anymore.  Now what?!  It's already too warm to wear this in Texas so at least I can put it off blocking it in good conscience.  


:  Malabrigo Lace Merino (Tuareg) - 2.3 skeins (although you could easily use less and not add endless repeats like I did)


:  Clover bamboo, Japanese size 7 (US 6)

Happy White Day!

Today is White Day in Japan.  Traditionally, Japanese women give sweets and gifts to men on Valentine's Day, and then can expect something in return one month later on White Day.  This is extra incentive for anyone who likes to bake or make sweets to pass out heaps to co-workers on Valentine's Day and then wait for it to pay off come March 14.  

I was never one much for this tradition, which is a good thing, because if I were planning to reciprocate for the treats that arrived here on Valentine's Day, I'd be in trouble!  Can you guess what I found in the mailbox one month ago today?

If you guessed a box full of fabric "scraps," ironed and organized by size and shape, you'd be correct. As if this weren't good enough, a lot of the fabrics are familiar patterns from quilts, pillowcases and other gifts I've received through the years.  The possibilities are endless!  Thanks, Mum!

As my White Day gift to you, let me share the simple recipe for a tasty treat I have been enjoying off and on since Valentine's Day.  If you have the three ingredients on hand, it will come together in less than 5 minutes and makes a good addition to breakfast or a bedtime snack.  Freeze any leftover extra coconut milk in an ice cube tray to toss in smoothies on a rainy day.

Cherry coconut chia treat

(makes 4 servings) 

200 ml coconut milk, or about 3/4 cup

1/4 cup water

2 Tbsp black chia seeds

2 handfuls of dried cherries

Combine all of the ingredients in a mason jar, seal tightly and shake.  Alternatively, you could whisk together in a mixing bowl.  Leave in the fridge for about 4 hours, shaking (or re-whisking) from time to time, as you think of it.  After that, serve, and enjoy!  

There is no right way to make this.  You can increase or decrease any of the ingredients to your taste.  If you prefer something less rich, just fiddle with the coconut milk-to-water ratio until you find the consistency that works best for you.  Heart-shaped garnish, optional.