reflections on the 100 day project 2017


This year's 100 Day Project wrapped up this month and I'm very grateful that I could participate again* on Instagram with #100daysoftokodotslettering.  I was inspired by a calligraphy book that had been collecting dust since my birthday in 2016, despite my best intentions.  Signing on for another project was just the motivation I needed to jump in and see where it took me over the course of the three-month project.


I thought I would work my way through the calligraphy tasks with brush pens as a bit of a shortcut, as I had visions of spilled ink and big messes trying to do anything more involved with my two-year-old around. But what started as a small plan grew exponentially over time, and I found myself enjoying pointed pen calligraphy and working with a paintbrush much more than using brush pens.  Quickly I found myself rearranging my priorities to make space to explore new inks, watercolors, pens, and brushes.  I ended up spending much longer on it each day than I had planned to, but it was a welcome change from my normal routine. Of the many lessons learned over this 100 days, the quote from Annie Dillard (at the top of this post) rang most true.  I became acutely aware of how much free time I could have to dedicate to something like this when I just set aside my phone and stayed mindful of how I spend my time.  I would much rather spend my days working on fun projects like this and surrounding myself with colorful work than spend them rushing around to catch up on unfinished household tasks or print cards last-minute for a Tokodots pop-up shop.  


To celebrate my completion of the project, I took two of my favorite projects from the earlier days and reworked them with my new watercolors to hang as a reminder to myself in my new work space. Despite my resolve to keep up my newfound daily creative habit, life has already crept in and my paints are dry. Maybe I need to hang them in the kitchen instead! But I am doing my best to find the time for lettering and trying other new things in my watercolor sketchbook each week. The two prints pictured above are available as 8x10 giclee prints by special order ($18 each or both for $30) through my Etsy shop. Contact me for more details if you're interested.

*Check out last year's crochet project here.